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Nov 15, 2012 3:30am PST
at mclaren park and new restrooms at bay view hill top and mclaren and the improvements here. since 2010 the port has been an incredible partnership and promoting our youth stewardship program and our program and we have the inaugural class and kids products of this neighborhood and learning environmental education. they are getting paid. it is work and helping to steward the land and learning leadership skills and i want to name a couple of folks from that program. kimberly who runs the vote tear programming and zoey and brenda from green acres. where is brenda? she's not here and carolyn from the port who we have worked incredibly close with. [applause] just to conclude there has been a lot of talk about team lately. chris bochy said it yesterday and the mayor said it yesterday and this morning. this is a team and great things happen when we work together and looking around the room there are so critical members of the team and putting our parks and rec and open space, the quality of life for san franciscans ahead of self and that includes the port. it includes department of publ
Nov 17, 2012 5:30pm PST
. thank you. ♪ ♪ i'm the president of friends of mclaren park. it is one of the oldest neighborhood community park groups in san francisco. i give a lot of tours through the park. during those tours, a lot of the folks in the group will think of the park as very scary. it has a lot of hills, there's a lot of dense groves. once you get towards the center of the park you really lose your orientation. you are very much in a remote area. there are a lot of trees that shield your view from the urban setting. you would simply see different groves that gives you a sense of freedom, of being outdoors, not being burdened by the worries of city life. john mclaren had said that golden gate park was too far away. he proposed that we have a park in the south end of the city. the campaign slogan was, people need this open space. one of the things that had to open is there were a lot of people who did a homestead here, about 25 different families. their property had to be bought up. so it took from 1928 to 1957 to buy up all the parcels of land that ended up in this 317 acres. the park, as a gener
Nov 14, 2012 5:00pm PST
, the tenants right here in sunny dale, the residents here in this valley, all around mclaren park for example and get them organized and working with the community organizations that we fund, with our city department including first five and our human services department, our health department and others all engaged in the same direction with our faith base community to make sure we're working on all the programs and signal to people violence is not the answer. that we have a lot of great programs. that we want our kids to grow up and feel they have hope. whether or not they have parents in the household or brothers or sisters guiding them and we have those gaps and people will be cajoled to do things that aren't good for them and that's why it's important to have a center here in sunny dale and we want to say this is the first of resource centers in the city and it's important to establish it right here and get all of the city agencies collaborating but we're not just going to announce a location of the people here are going to do serious outreach to all of the residents that live here an
Nov 19, 2012 2:30pm PST
in austin, texas, in the mclaren. >> louis hamilton taking the it checkered flag. he was looking at the positives. what i'm very happy today for the team in particular. it is a fantastic championship. thanks to all of you. >> he started from the pole position and led for much of the race. his rival was pressing hard. the furry driver started from some of on the grid. alonzo moved into third after the red bull teammate dropped out with a terrible problem. the title was blown wide open. he fell onto the lead until lap 42. second place hamilton kept up the pressure and overtook him with just 14 laps remaining. the drivers' title will be decided next sunday at the season finale in brazil. >> the american music awards, the recording industry's best night, were handed out in los angeles. there was a certain canadian teenage heartthrob. >> and justin bieber. >> he took home three awards including artist of the year. he took the stage to except that trophy and he brought along his mother. other winners including taylor swift and usher. go canada! [laughter] >> that is it for the moment.
Nov 8, 2012 8:00pm PST
kirchhof our kron 4 facek fan page. this is the mclaren lodge. it looks like this is sideways. and further himself that this is from a mountain view a ton of water on this side mirror. building up and meanwhile in pacifica look at these blue skies. with darker, agreegre and als a niceo pay off and gray but 280/1 0 1 intersection i want to thank you for all of your pictures. message us on facebook or e-mail at breaking >> take a look get the sierras. we can see the snowfall blanketing the lake tahoe area is to bring a early ski season. >> the forecast looks great for snow this weekend. a mass of cold air is moving across donner summit and boreal mountain resort is preparing to open on saturday. they have already started snowmaking operations. the national weather service is predicting between four and to 9 in. of snowfall through tomorrow. if that does happen cough boreal will welcome guests. skiing and snowboarding started back on october 26th but all that had to stop on halloween because to is just to warm and. this weekend is veterans day weekend and they're expecting a big
Nov 8, 2012 5:00pm PST
in the rainy season. take a look at this is in san francisco mclaren lodgen in golden gate park. and earlier lose skies in pacifica but blue skies giving way to dark, gray storm clouds. and the rain all over the bay area today we're always looking for your weather pictures e- mail, or message us on facebook this is from mountain view. you can see the clouds coming and. many people sending us the pictures and thank you. send us a message or breaking >> we are following developing a news the aftermath of that deadly east coast storm. the second in just days jacqueline bennett is here tracking record severe weather. catherine heenan is also following the recovery efforts under way and grant lodes has the dramatic nor'easter storms the news is next. (male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> fell at 5:30 the aftermath of that deadly winter storms on the east coast is a brittle one, two punch portal. where people are still trying to pick up the pieces from super storm sandy. tonight, the recovery efforts underway the dramatic pictures and a
Nov 8, 2012 7:00am PST
and glen canyon park. they are -- there are plans for trail reconstruction and golden gate and john mclaren park. >>> 7:21. well, temperatures are -- it's kind of chilly out there. grab a coat if you learn this morning because a storm is getting closer. that will give you a taste of what's on our way. mark's here. he will tell you where the winds are picking and when we'll get rain. >>> an apology to a woman sexually abused after controversial language was written in a defense filing. >>> good morning. northbound and southbound 101 in san francisco looking good. but we have problems in the east bay and also in the south bay to tell you about. >>> 7:24. an hour from now, a southern california man is due in court accused of the stabbing death of a retired high school teacher in -- retired school teacher in hercules. darnell washington, 24 years old, faces nine counts in connection with the murder of 55-year-old susie koe. washington is expected to enter a plea. he's accused of killing her at a carjacking at her home last month. prosecutors say this capped off a crime spree that began with wa
Nov 19, 2012 7:00am PST
n vettel fue líder, pero lewis hamilton y su mclaren tuvieron fuerza para superarlo, vettel no pudo ganar su tercer título mundial en su carrera número 100, pastor maldonado fue noveno, y checo pérez 11°, la batalla por el título de pilotos es el próximo domingo en brasil donde vettel tiene una ventaja de 13 puntos sobre alonso. >>a>así quedó el asunto en lo que fue el deporte, en despierta américa ,pero antes de irnos a la pausa, quiero mandar un saludo a wanda, saludos a los que viven en utah, ahora pelotero a la bola, vamos. >>> uy, pobre cristina blackwell. >>> qué bonito día, ¿no?, el día de acción de gracias, nos reunimos todos, toda la familia, unidos por el amor, despierta américa,cepillín los felicita, y los desea siempre estar unidos, feliz día de acción de gracias, con amor. >>> ay. >>> ay. >>> cepillín. >>> oye, qué gusto fue tenerlo en despierta américa, como aquello de recordar es volver a vivir. >>> ese día nos regaló un cd de colección, mis hijas se la han pasado cantando sus canciones. >>p>por cierto, más adelante lo comentaremos, falleció milic
Search Results 0 to 31 of about 32 (some duplicates have been removed)